Somoya’s saloon

Somoya’s saloon


Out of the ordinary
& exclusive

Yet staying in Somoya’s Saloon feels like home
in no time

Come & find out what staying on a ship really means



A classic weekend in Amsterdam.

An exclusive romantic getaway.

An efficient & classy business base.

A relaxing retreat from the daily grind.

Somoya’s Saloon offers it all, in style...


Welcome to Somoya’s Saloon

A saloon, or salon, is known as ‘the public room for first-class or for all passengers on ship.’ Otherwise described as the ‘main social cabin of a passenger ship.’ Whether in a salon, saloon or cabin, staying on a ship brings so much more to the Amsterdam experience. Almost half your trip is spent in the place you stay, so make the place you stay a special one. Somoya’s Saloon is somewhere you might spend more time than you counted on. Or so our guests have told us.